If you are here, you may be interested in talking further.

Right now you may feel confused and overwhelmed.  You may feel like it is taking all your energy just to keep things from falling apart.

You may have even tried going to a program or meetings and it didn't help.  Traditional step programs don't work for everyone.  While enormously helpful to some, there are also individuals who feel the structure isn't a good fit and are unable to relate to the experiences of others in that setting.  Especially for younger people or others without a long history of use -- the label of "addict," the idea of never using again, the commitment to meetings and the concept of relapse sending you back to "start" are daunting. 

Or maybe you are living clean, in sobriety, but know you want more from life.  You are ready to start talking about what lies beyond recovery.

I do know one thing about you.  You are a survivor. I know this because you are here, now.  You may be feeling stuck, unable to move forward, perhaps not even knowing where forward might lead.  You may be realizing that simple survival is no longer enough.  I can help.

The Art of Recovery

Who Are You?